Insurance Council of New Zealand advised people today that if they are about to travel to Bali and have concerns about travelling they should contact their airline or other travel provider they booked with first, and then their travel insurer to discuss their options. “If you face extra costs or lose out on something you pre-booked, your travel insurer may pay those extra costs or loss if it is covered by your policy” said Insurance Council Chief Executive Tim Grafton. “Travel providers may be able to re-book your arrangements without extra costs. If you do suffer extra costs, make sure you keep receipts. As always, check your policy wording and talk to your insurer to understand what costs your insurance policy covers you for” he said. “We can’t stress enough that travellers need to purchase their travel insurance when they book and pay for their tickets and not just before they are about to travel if they want to enjoy the benefit of cancellation cover. Likewise, if you book a trip and buy insurance after events like a volcano erupting or an imminent hurricane which has been publicised, you will not have cover for those events” he said.

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