The Insurance Claims Register

Te Rēhita Kerēme Inihua


The Insurance Claims Register

Te Rēhita Kerēme Inihua


The Insurance Claims Register (ICR) detects and prevents fraud, particularly purposeful non-disclosure and double dipping at claim time.

Unfortunately, the old adage of ‘utmost good faith’ is no longer working. Fraud is costing honest policyholders hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Current estimates suggest between 5% and 10% of claims are fraudulent.

The ICR is an independently run fraud tool that holds a record of all claims submitted to member insurers. It allows insurers to share claims data, with insureds’ permission, to ensure that clients are not double dipping or displaying any risky behaviours that could possibly indicate a risk to their business.

If you’ve submitted a claim to a member of the ICR within the last 10 years, then your claim will appear on the register.


The protection of your privacy is important to us, and we are committed to acting in accordance with the Privacy Act.

You give your permission for your insurer to lodge your claim information on the ICR when you make a claim and sign the claim form.

You can ask to see a copy of the information held about you on the ICR at any time and to ask for changes to be made to that information if you think it is incorrect.

The ICR has processes in place to ensure that your information is held securely, is only accessed by authorised people, and that the information about you is accurate.

Access to personal information

You are entitled under the Privacy Act 2020 to know whether any information is kept on you and what that information is.

To find out if your information is in the ICR, download and complete a personal information request form.

You will be asked to provide proof of your identity. You can do this by getting your identity verified by a Justice of the Peace or a Police officer before submitting the form. These requirements help protect your private information from being released to other people.

Send your verified ID and your completed form to your insurer. The information requested will be processed and any information held will be sent to your nominated address.

Join the ICR

Insurers who operate in New Zealand may join the ICR. To find out more or apply, email [email protected].

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