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Financial capability programmes

We work with organisations across the country to help improve the financial literacy of all New Zealanders.

Insurance literacy

Insurance literacy is an important part of financial capability. If you understand insurance, you're able to make more informed choices about your finances and risk management practices.

The younger we learn these skills, the more impact they have on our lives. That's why a key part of our work is helping children and young people develop their financial capabilities.

We work with Banqer and the Young Enterprise Trust to

  • promote financial literacy education
  • provide insurance education materials for schools
  • get people thinking about insurance and managing risk early in their lives.

Teaching resources

We have developed resources and workbooks for students and teachers for NZQA’s personal financial management unit standards.

Our partners


Banqer is a simulated online banking system where students explore topics ranging from savings and interest to tax, real estate and insurance. The insurance module shows students the benefits of insuring their assets and the consequences they could face if a disaster were to happen.

Check out their website or contact them about a free trial.

View the Banqer website

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Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise works in secondary schools providing students business and financial education programmes and resources.

Find out more about Young Enterprise