Insurance Claims Register

The Insurance Claims Register (ICR) was established in February 1999. The ICR enables insurance companies to check the accuracy of the data submitted with policy applications and claims.

Why have we set up an insurance claims register?

Because fraud is conservatively costing honest policyholders $350 million plus per year. The old adage of 'utmost good faith' is no longer working with around 10% of claimants. The Insurance Claims Register ("ICR") detects and prevents fraud, particularly purposeful non-disclosure, and double dipping at claim time.

How does it work?

The ICR is an electronic register that holds a central record of all claims lodged with participating insurance companies, so that those companies can access a claims history of a client, when underwriting new business and processing claims, for the specific purpose of checking for fraud.

What about privacy issues?

All participating insurers have adjusted their privacy wordings and advised clients that their claims information will be lodged on the ICR. Customers have the right to object to this happening. Insurers equally have the right not to insure customers who object to their claims being held on the register. All participating insurers have the privacy advice on all proposals and renewals, as well as claim forms. The agreement to having your claims on the ICR will be a condition of doing business with a participating insurer.

If at claim time a customer objects to their claim information being held on the ICR, because the privacy advice was not on the proposal or renewal form, the insurance company will not place the claim information on the ICR.

All customers who have claims on the ICR have the right to access the information held about them at any time, and seek changes to that information if it is warranted.

How do you know what information is being held on you?

In terms of security of information, only participating insurers are able to access the ICR, and security passwords are allocated by companies so that only authorised personnel have access to the ICR. The ICR is able to tell who are accessing the register and what types of enquiries are being made, via electronic footprints.

You are entitled under the Privacy Act 1993 to know if any information is kept on you. To find out, complete the attached Request for Personal Information (PDF 179KB).

You will be asked to provide proof of your identity by taking a passport or driving license to your insurers office or getting a J.P. or Police Officer to validate. This is to protect your private information from being released to unauthorized persons.

Return your completed form to your insurance company with a valid form of ID (please see the form for details). The information requested will be processed and any information held will be sent to your nominated address.