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Reducing internal fit-out failure in an earthquake

Will your workplace be open for business after a locally centred, moderate seismic event? Find out what might happen inside our commercial buildings and what that might mean for you as a building owner, tenant designer or builder.

The 2013 Seddon and 2016 Kaikoura earthquakes affected the ability of businesses to stay open and highlighted Wellington's potential vulnerability. Using Wellington as a case study, the seminar will show that another earthquake could leave some existing buildings unusable for some time.

Our modern building structures are designed to provide life safety in moderate to severe seismic events. The restraint of non-structural components of internal fit-outs such as ceilings, internal wall partitions and mechanical services and the risks they may pose can attract much less attention.

You'll hear speakers with considerable experience in this sector talk about how people in our building design and construction industries are working to find solutions and reduce these risks. Our speakers will also highlight the importance of specifying, at concept stage, how building owners and tenants want non-structural elements to perform in a seismic event and what that might add to construction costs.

There will be time during the seminar to network with others in the sector interested in this topic.