Benefits of Membership

Membership of ICNZ brings the following benefits:

  • the use of a Wellington-based organisation to represent the industry's collective interests in the public domain or with legislators, government advisers and regulators
  • early alert to issues that impact the industry from a specialist team of experts
  • the financial benefits of sharing the costs for legal and other specialist advice between other members that might otherwise be too costly for a member on their own to consider purchasing
  • a forum for Chief Executives to network with their peers across the industry
  • the ability for staff development as they meet alongside their peers to discuss issues by sitting on working committees that cover each insurance line, regulation, communications and public education as well as employment and education
  • an organisation that can respond to media and public inquiries on behalf of the industry
  • an experienced team ready to respond and support members in emergency situations by liaising with local authorities and the media which enables individual insurers to focus on their own claims management